Welcome to Pure CSS Framework V1.0

Web UI and layout design made with pure CSS. No Javascript requirements at all!

Download Pure CSS Framework V1
14KB Zipped!
Responsive, Fast and Light!
Super light weight, responsive and lightning fast! No JavaScript components to load so there is no wait time for hover menus, accordians, tabs or any other components of Pure CSS Framework (PCF).
Easy for Pros and Beginners!
Perfect for non-javascript programmers as well as skilled programmers. Use PCF for quick wire frame designs or full out websites. You can pretty much copy and paste your way to a functional lightning fast site.
Clean Design!
Easy to add your own styles, PCH gives you the bare bone design which looks great as is or can be designed further without too many messy overrides. Easy to change themes - dark and classic themes built in.

Why Use Pure CSS Framework?

If you want to use an all CSS framework this is what you are looking for. I have been doing frontend coding and design for years and could never find the right framework. Most frameworks were too simple not having enough to build a functional site or requiring lots of heavy not needed JavaScript to make components.

Zipped at 14KB, under half the size of just Bootstrap's CSS zipped and not including all the JavaScript files you will need.

Support for Older Browsers?

When PCF was created a lot of older browsers were pretty much dead, if you need the framework to be flawless on browsers as old as IE5-IE9 this is not the framework for you, PCF does not use any type of modernizers or special reset coding to keep things light and fast. You can always build these in if you so wish.